If you are a News reporter and looking for solutions that can help you create a Video like TV News, this app will help you create within 05 minutes with your Android Mobile anytime anywhere.

App Features –

  1. Attach Promo Video (Intro Video),
  2. Record Video / Insert Recorded Video,
  3. Channel Logo,
  4. Reporter Name, Reporter Photo
  5. City Name,
  6. Sliding Breaking News,
  7. Audio Recording / News Anchoring,
  8. Remove Noise,
  9. Breaking News Designs ….. & More

Using these features you can easily create News Video within 05 minutes on different-different designs. In future updates of app we’ll add more theme and designs FREE.

It very important for every news channel to share news fast, it will help you boos your YouTube reach because of fast news share also will help you save from copyright because of fast sharing before any big channel.