05 Tips for Making Video News

It is very essential to show a quality in your video news, User always want to have some new and advanced creativity
in your website –
For Building any Quality Video News, You should focus on some basic points – 
1.  Recently , we are finding lots of videos with BIG SIZE fonts on Footer Video, You may use big size fonts a simple background for showing CONTENT.

2. Video Recording should be in Landscape Mode for proper viewing.

3. While uploading video on YouTube Tags and Description plays a very important role, Tags should be based on video content.

4. For Designing Video News you can use – Edius, Adobe Premier Pro, Filmora, .. &  similar and For Mobile User you can use – Breaking News Maker App   .

5. For News Videos, Promo or Initial Intro Video is very important, It should not be too long, An ideal timing may be 05 to 08 seconds long.